Reading Software

High Definition Images

Our duel headed cameras offer an advanced high-definition solid-state detection (HDSD) technology for the highest-quality images possible giving you superb image quality.

Access to Images Anytime Anywhere

Using 4DM cloud based software, your images are only an internet connection away. Remote image viewing is possible with VIP’s remote viewing station.

Qualified Image Interpretation

As physicians well know, an image is only as qualified as the reader who reports on it. This is precisely why we offer image interpretation services with highly skilled over-readers held to ICANL/ASNC standards.

Rapid Diagnosis

Image interpretation services are available with highly respected over-readers. VIP has established relationships with some of the best radiologists and nuclear cardiologists to provide you with timely, accurate interpretations.

Patient Convenience

With our open upright mobile imaging system, patients can be tested in the comfort of your office while eliminating the claustrophobic effects of conventional models.

Increased Reimbursements

Your profitability is critical to our partnership’s success. Therefore, we go out of our way to make sure your practice brings in more reimbursements by offering support to assure proper billing.

"With some of the most respected technologists and ACLS/BLS cardiac stress technicians in the industry, you can rest assured your patients will receive the best treatment available."

Why Choose VIP Imaging


Vascular Image Professionals (VIP) adds nuclear cardiology and ultrasound imaging to your practice. We image your patients in the comfort of your office for a more rapid diagnosis, added patient convenience, and increased reimbursements invested back into your practice.

Our Cardius® 2XPO SPECT


VIP Imaging utilizes the most advanced, state of the art upright imaging gamma cameras in the industry.