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Cardiac Stress Tests

A nuclear cardiac stress test is a powerful tool used to see pictures of your heart at rest and after you have been stressed. Nuclear medicine tests offer a way to collect medical information that may be difficult to get with traditional testing procedures.
Nuclear cardiac tests are used to examine the blood flow to the heart, diagnose the cause of chest pain, check the health of your arteries, or determine the amount of damage to the heart muscle following a heart attack.
Nuclear cardiac stress tests provide information about circulation and heart function. A traditional ECG stress test measures only the heart’s electrical activity. In comparison, a nuclear cardiac stress shows the heart in action. This allows your doctor see blood flow to the heart while you are resting and after being stressed.
The results of the test indicate whether there is adequate blood flow to the heart, if any blood vessels are blocked, and whether the heart cells are functioning properly.
The entire test usually takes two to three hours. The administering technologist will get you through the process as quick as possible while ensuring the best imaging quality.

How Do I Prepare?

Do Not…take any medications unless instructed to do so by your physician. Bring any medications, including asthma inhalers, you skip the day of the test.
No, you may not smoke or drink caffeine for 24 hours prior to your test. This includes chocolate, tea or decaffeinated coffee. Please do not eat or drink for 4 to 6 hours prior to test except for water.
Dress for comfort and movement. Wear loose fitting work-out attire and comfortable shoes as you will be either walking on a treadmill for a short while or receiving stress medicine. Ladies, please do not wear bras with underwire or 1-piece garments such as dresses or bodysuits. Important: Please do not wear shirts with metal buttons or zippers.
Water and food. 1-2 bottles of water and a lunch/snack, such as a sandwich or fruit. You will be instructed when to eat during the test. Medications. Bring any medications, including asthma inhalers, you skip the day of the test.

Arrival and Departure

Inform the technologist about any health problems that may interfere with your ability to exercise such as chronic lung problems, chest pain, asthma, past surgeries, issues with balance, knees or hips, etc.
Drink plenty of fluids and urinate frequently after the test is complete. This will flush any remaining radioactivity tracer out of your body. The technologist will inform you when you may resume taking medications you skipped before taking the test.

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